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Blast off with the Rocket Beans Artists, a crew of intergalactic streamers bringing their unique brand of entertainment straight to you. Whether it's epic gaming streams, music performances or just straight-up fun: Etienne Gardé, Nils Bomhoff, Marah Daniel, Florentin Will, Viet Nguyen, Michael Krogmann and Janina Hille deliver the goods on Twitch and YouTube. So buckle up and get ready to take off into a galaxy of non-stop entertainment with the Rocket Beans Artists!


Etienne Gardé

Variety, Just Chatting, Movies, RPGs, Action-Adventure, Soccer

Etienne Gardé is a pioneer in the german gaming world, who's been well-known in the scene for over two decades. As a co-founder of Rocket Beans TV, he's one of the most recognizable faces in the industry, known for his engaging TV shows that have captivated audiences for years. And now, in 2021, he's taken the scene with his own Twitch channel, EdeLive.

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Nils Bomhoff

Just Chatting, Strategy Games, RPGs, Action-Adventures, Soccer, Variety

Nils Bomhoff is the epitome of versatility and talent in the world of gaming and entertainment. As a co-founder of Rocket Beans TV, he’s made a name for himself with over two decades of hilarious and entertaining content. From his early days at MTV Game One and Rocket Beans TV, to his current Twitch streams, Nils has been entertaining audiences with his quick wit and love for puns.

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Marah Daniel

Construction- and Strategy Games, RPGs, Just Chatting, Nature & Animals, Variety

Meet Marah, the mastermind of strategy gaming. With her captivating personality, she's quickly built a massive following, proving that charm and strategic savvy can go hand in hand. On her channel, Marah delves into the world of city building and strategy games, engaging her community in interactive streams that are as fun to participate in as they are to watch.

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Florentin Will

Strategy Games, Trading Card Games, MMORPGs, Shooter

Florentin Will is the ultimate multitasker in the world of entertainment. With his quick wit and charm, Florentin lights up his Twitch streams, leaving his audience in stitches. He's a true chameleon, effortlessly switching from one role to the next, and always delivering top-notch entertainment. Don't let his versatility fool you, "Tini" is a one-of-a-kind performer that you won't want to miss.

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Viet Nguyen

Shooter, Trading Card Games, (J)RPGs, Anime and Manga, Pokémon

Viet is an experienced host and gamer at Rocket Beans TV, known for his dynamic presence both on and off screen. On his Twitch channel, Viet unleashes his full potential, delivering daily doses of content to his loyal community. From pulse-pounding Let's Plays to thrilling multiplayer rounds and even enlightening talk shows about anime - Viet is a true pop culture connoisseur. He refuses to be boxed in by genre limitations and instead, fully embraces his passion for all things entertainment.

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Michael Krogmann

Music, IRL, RPGs, Simulation Games, Variety

Feeling down? Get ready to be lifted up by Krogmann! He brings the heat with his electrifying drum performances, crazy gaming skills and even his love for feeding squirrels - there's never a dull moment with him. His content is full of excitement and always packed with unexpected twists and turns. Bringing joy to his community is his top priority and with his fun and authentic personality, boredom will be a thing of the past. Get ready to join the Krogmann hype!

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Janina Hille

Just Chatting, Variety, Valorant, Fitness

Janina is the embodiment of a streaming powerhouse. Despite taking a brief hiatus for some exciting opportunities at Rocket Beans TV, she's back and ready to take on the streaming world with full force. With her razor-sharp focus, Janina knows exactly what her community wants - a mix of exciting Let's Plays and laid-back Just Chatting streams. But that's not all, her passion for fitness is a staple in her streams, making her a true jack of all trades.

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